The industry is rapidly evolving.  How will you adapt?

Our predictions were correct and the next phase of the cannabis industry cycle has begun: price wars and the end of many small cannabis companies that did not anticipate the change.

When the next phase of the industry cycle begins...HOW WILL YOU ADAPT YOUR BUSINESS?

This is where we come in.  We have the foresight.  We know what must be done strategically within your business to adapt to the new landscape based on your company's goals. 

We can help you plan, before it's too late...


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We. Do. Everything.

Integration of business, science, philosophy, and random facts that lead to strategic outcomes for organizations is what we do best. We can advise clients on a spectrum of topics, from costing issues within the cannabis industry due to 280E, to why you shouldn't put Rogaine on your face in attempt to grow a beard if you own a cat (seriously, Rogaine is toxic to cats, don't let your fuzzy children near that stuff).


Consulting core competencies*:

  • Matching Financial Strategy to Desired Outcomes
  • Business Development/Sales and Revenue Growth
  • Management Consulting
  • Scientific Consulting and Research

Industry expertise: Cannabis Industry, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Software, Entertainment/Creative, Fitness/Exercise

Inquisitiveness has always been our nature and we possess a deep desire to understand different underlying systems, their mechanics, and trace those to tangible outcomes. If you have a compelling project, need help, or just want to bounce off an idea, we are just a phone call or email away.

Chief Strategist / Professional Ninja Robot Assassin

- Kuo

*Please note that we are not available for accounting consulting.  This work must be done through a local firm, due to conflict of interest.



Previous work

Cannabis Companies:

  • Advisory work performed: financial forecasting (internal and for investors), 280E analysis, business development, start-up business plan development, scientific documentation consulting, investment financial viability analysis, operational systems and protocol development/standardization
    • Notable companies include: Rhizo Sciences, Wyld, Luvli, Oregon Brokerage House, GrowValu, Udoxi Scientific, Kendo Farms, Neverwinter Northwest, Empower Oil, Medi Kingdom, Hikurangi Group

Traditional Industry Work:

  • Sizzle Pie: financial forecasting for private equity investment
  • Bishops Barbershop: financial data coordination to satisfy requirements for franchising sales
  • Besaw's: coordination of financial data to satisfy SBA loan requirements
  • Kure Juice Bar: financial forecasting, financial consulting, pitch deck creation for venture capital
  • Meriwether Group: mezzanine fund finance
  • Relapse/Hydra Head Records: royalties calculation
  • Complete Nutrition: sales forecasting for franchising proposals; operational SOP's for multi-million dollar family of franchises; implementation of sales and marketing protocols to increase store retention to 80%+
  • Norpac Foods: inventory count plan/coordination
  • Laika Films: film costing

    ...and many more...


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